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Prostate gland lies at the neck of the bladder deep down in the lower part of abdomen (pelvis) and is normally involved in sexual reproduction process. Prostate size normally increases with age and causes symptoms. The most common reason for the urinary symptoms is benign (non cancerous) age related enlargement of prostate. Generally, these symptoms can be well controlled with medication or by a small operation (TURP).

Prostate cancer in India: There is increasing incidence of prostate cancer noted in Indian population. In major cities like Delhi and Kolkata, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. Compared to Caucasian (white) patients, there is early evidence to suggest that prostate cancer is more lethal in Asian men.
It is advisable for patients with difficulty passing urine to seek specialist help to discuss investigation for prostate cancer. This advice is more important in patients who have early onset of symptoms in their fifties and patients who have a first degree relative (father, paternal or paternal uncle) who has suffered with prostate cancer.

The symptoms of prostate cancer include

• Difficulty passing urine

• Blood in the urine

• Needing to strain to pass urine

• Pain deep in the pelvis (in front of back passage

• Bony pain

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