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Clinical Trials & Research Activities

Clinical Trials & Research Activities

Clinical Trials & Research Activities

A. Phase IV trial

Co-investigator in Phase IV post-marketing surveillance study on the efficacy of Tolterodine in overactive bladder, 2005.

B. Joint projects with IIT Madras, Chennai

It was a proud moment for our Institution (SRMC) to be associated in the field of research, with one of the top Institutions in the world, the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. Joint projects were carried out in the field of urolithiasis and polyurethane double J stents, where research was undertaken to identify and categorize the materials that cause least bacterial colonization.

Under the Principal Investigator, Prof. Sunil Shroff, the following research activities were carried out.

  1. Coating of bioactive on Polyurethane urinary stent to reduce bacterial adhesion
  2. Correlation between clinical and explanted stent characteristics
  3. Surface modification of polyurethane stent for better biocompatibility Adsorption of inorganic salts on polyurethane stents
  4. Comparison of chemical stone analysis with infrared spectroscopy.

C. Joint projects with College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai

Anna University, Chennai, India, is one of the premier Institutions in this part of the world. In Collaboration with the University, research was undertaken in the field of Renal Cancer, with an aim to identify certain Radiological parameters that could help us to make a preoperative diagnosis of Renal Cell Carcinoma.

The research was carried out on: “Texture analysis of Kidney Computed Tomography Images as a new method for assessment of Primary solid renal mass Heterogeneity“.

This research helped us to identify and define certain radiological CT parameters that were helpful to identify the renal mass as a malignant one, obviating the need for a renal biopsy.

The following are the publications made in this field of research:

  1. Feature Extraction by Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrices Parameters in Computed Tomography of Renal Cell Carcinoma.
  2. Feature Extraction of kidney Tumor implemented with Fuzzy Inference System. (Ref 24, International)
  3. Texture analysis of Kidney Computed Tomography Images: a new method for assessment of Primary solid renal mass Heterogeneity – a prospective study.

Ongoing Projects

Varicocele has been one of the surgically correctable causes of Male Infertility. Oligospermia in patients with varicocele has been very well documented. Improvement in Seminal parameters after Surgical Varicocelectomy has always been an uncertainty. The following research works, in collaboration with Department of Human Genetics of SRMC, Chennai, India, is being carried out in Infertile population, with an aim to identify certain predictive factors that could possibly prognosticate the final outcome in such patients pre-operatively.

The following research projects are in progress:

  1. Polymorphism analysis in Estrogen receptors alpha and Beta genes and their association with the infertile Indian population
  2. Y chromosome microdeletions in sperm and blood DNA of infertile patients from South India.                                                                                      This research project on Cancer Prostate is done in Collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences, SRMC, Chennai, India. This study is being done to identify the anticancer property of certain plant extracts against the prostate cancer cell lines.
  3. Research guide for an Anticancer activity of the Bacoside enriched extract against Prostate Cancer Cell lines.

Socio – Medical Services

Socio-Medical Services has always been an integral part of my Medical and Urological practice.

  • Organized many ‘Prostate Awareness Camps’ (2009 till date) in various parts of Chennai and rest of Tamil Nadu. These camps were conducted in semi urban locations and were targeted exclusively towards elderly males ( aged above 55 years of age) to detect prostate related problems in order to provide curative treatment and restoration of normal voiding, free of cost to the economically weaker sections of society.
  • Also had conducted many “Kidney Stone Awareness Camps“, emphasizing to those young adults the need for dietary modifications to prevent stone recurrences and also for stone prevention.
  • Conducted patient education campaigns through National Television channels. Health awareness programmes in the form of mini-interviews in television channels were initiated and organized by the government national channel to make the people be aware of common urological problems prevailing in the community, including stone diseases of the kidney and prostate related health issues.
  • Regularly participated in several “Multispecialty Health Camps” conducted by Sri Ramachandra University since 2003 to date. Notable ones were….
  • Medical Camps at Kumbakonam and Thanjavur districts of Tamil Nadu, India, in association with certain Educational Institutions. On an average, about 1500 patients were evaluated and offered medical counseling and appropriate treatment. Those needing Surgical intervention were brought to our Institution and were offered totally free Surgical treatment for deserving poor patients.
  • Our Institution management also encourages us to make regular health visits to various parts of the Eastern and North-Eastern parts of India, where the highest quality of healthcare is made available to the public at an affordable price. Prior to each visit, advertisements are being given in local radio channels and newspapers, that enables the patients and the common public to utilize the opportunity available.
  • Founder Chancellor, Shri NPV Ramaswamy Udayar Medical camp at Rasipuram, Salem district, Tamilnadu. On an average 300 – 400 patients were treated in each camp free of cost. Those requiring surgical treatment were transferred to Sri Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai for free surgical treatment funded by the Chancellor, Sri Ramachandra University. Through these camps around 5000 patients are screened and treated free of cost in our hospital, Chennai.
  • Had organized and conducted free Male Infertility camps and Counseling sessions for Male erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory function disorders on a regular basis. These camps generally provoke much interest amongst the married and unmarried males. Proper advice to those men affected and patient education activities including video demonstrations on psychogenic aspects of male erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders were largely helpful to those men who needed those most.


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